Understands the Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity challenge your organization may be facing.

Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Consulting 

Taking the guesswork out of Inclusion & Equity resulting in improved Diversity by partnering with your leadership team to help you drive organizational inclusion and success.

Dr. Lauran Star, Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Strategist and Psychologist. Regarded as one of today’s most requested and engaging speaker on inclusion, diversity, and organizational culture.

Dr. Lauran Star understands Inclusion, Diversity and Equity challenges your organization may be facing and has evidence-based solutions with proven outcomes. ​​She is known for uncovering blind spots to achieve optimal performance and enhanced retention. Dr. Star dives in where others tread lightly yet is insightful, warm, and approachable.

Dr. Lauran Star has over two decades driving evidence based inclusion, diversity, and equity in STEM, Healthcare and Finance. She has worked with executive / senior leadership, human resource management and employees with several  Fortune 500 companies; helping them create an inclusive organizational culture that thrives in today’s business. 

Her own affinities go beyond being a woman, as she is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, serving as a trauma medic in Desert Storm, has a learning disability, and was raised in a multicultural family. Prior to her corporate life, she performed on and off-Broadway.

Her success includes being both a Best and International Selling Author (Your Power Pivot; Shifting the Paradigm of Work/ Life Empowerment and LEIP Forward: Leadership Emotional Intelligence Proficiency) and forth coming book Pivotal Inclusion. Dr. Lauran Star's influence in the media is far reaching. She has been featured on CBS Radio; published in Forbes Women, Huffington Post, Talent Management, Society of Human Resource Management, to name a few.  She also has an amazing social media following.

Dr. Lauran Star holds a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and is one of the first in the United States whose Ph.D. is specialized in Inclusion, Diversity & Equity, and Change.  Her dissertation examined diversity training and its impact on Perceived Organizational Justice. Dr. Lauran Star's dissertation has been published and is now cited as a foundational piece of evidence for inclusion, diversity, and equity.

Dr. Star is a certified executive and leadership coach as well as a facilitator on several organizational assessment tools.  Dr. Star is an adjunct faculty member for the University of New Hampshire System – empowering the next generation of leaders with the inclusion lens.

What Clients & Audiences Are Saying

Refreshing, Authentic, Approachable!

Dr. Star's focus on inclusion, diversity, and equity is a must for any conference. 


Engaging, based on real world evidence. Dr. Star provides a new lens for the workplace!

As a closing Keynote, over 99% (3989) of our attendees stayed till the very end to hear her

and they were not disappointed. Her reviews were off the chart.


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