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It’s time to stop throwing diversity and inclusion initiatives and programs at the wall to see what sticks or moves the needle within your organization. Instead, let’s focus on evidence-based initiatives that will drive your organization to thrive.


It’s time to focus on the RIGHT needle – Inclusion. An inclusive culture is the foundation for achieving the benefits of diversity – NOT the other way around.


We have been focused on “diversity” in the workplace for well over 60 years, with no evidence that diversity should be the focal point of our efforts, or that there are any business gains from those efforts. Organizations in the US spend well over $80 billion annually on diversity initiatives, according to MIT, yet again with no evidence of the return on investment.


Using a straightforward evidence-based approach rooted in experience and research, Dr. Lauran Star explains that without a culture of inclusion, the benefits of any money spent on improving diversity metrics will be short-lived – and she has the case studies to prove it. If your diverse employees don’t feel valued or included, they will leave. In Evidence-Based Inclusion: It’s Time to Focus on the Right Needle, you’ll learn how your organization can successfully navigate the diversity landscape, avoid falling for the faddish buzzword of the month (“belonging,” anyone?), and create a sustainable inclusion and diversity strategy and culture that brings a true return on investment.


Wow – Dr.  Star really puts DE&I in perspective!

Her writing is witty yet direct with solid examples and solutions that will drive diversity in the workplace. More importantly she writes what needs to be said for the DE&I workspace, based on evidence NOT conjecture.

This book is a game changer in the DE&I space!

K. Kellerman Chief Diversity Officer

Un-apologizing direct and to the point!

Dr. Star does not leave you guessing around Diversity & Inclusion, she certainly has thought provoking questions about equity. What is more, this book is based on real numbers and return on investment rather than fluff. As the reader I walked away with the right frame for diversity and a framework to drive inclusion.

A must read!

M. Verara -Chief Diversity Officer

Two in One 

Outstanding book and a must read for everyone who works in corporate America. Dr. Star then takes it a step further by providing an Evidence Based Inclusion Resource page. It is full of open-sourced tools, power point slide, and links.

 Dr. Star has provided what all DE&I practitioners need to focus on Inclusion first.

No more hunting and pecking for ROI Tools.

C. Chahill SHRM

The Reviews are Amazing! Evidence Based Inclusion; It's Time To Focus on the Right Needle 

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Are you ready to take your life to the next level? In this workbook you will develop a blueprint for a successful life and career, advance networking skills, leadership skills, build an advisory team, take personal stock of self and so much more… Filled with tools and tips to move you forward, you will find your thinking and embracing your true self. Being the CEO of you life makes it happen! - Lauran Star


In the current market downturn, many organizations are reinventing themselves from the inside out. Companies are looking to YOU to take the lead and evaluate what changes need to be addressed while you bring forth your assets and strengths. We need to pivot with power resulting in a shift in how we are perceived, thus increasing our impact both at home and work. 

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Today women are entering the workforce and leadership field at an extensive rate; however, they are struggling to gain a real perspective on how to get ahead, what is expected, how to build strong alliances, and find work/life strategies. This lack of knowledge is creating a "one step forward two steps back" mentality as the tools required to succeed are hushed.

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The Leadership Journal focuses on how you can improve your emotional intelligence every day. Journaling is a gift you can give yourself! And here is the best part—not only will you uncover your strengths, fears, concerns, and joy, you will grow and become empowered.

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