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Evidence Based Inclusion

Dr. Lauran Star understands organizationls culture and the impact and challanges of  Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity your organization may be facing and has evidence-based solutions with proven outcomes. ​​She is known for uncovering blind spots to achieve optimal performance and enhanced retention. Dr. Star dives in where others tread lightly yet is insightful, warm, and approachable.


Dr. Lauran Star has over two decades driving evidence-based inclusion, diversity, and equity in STEM, Healthcare, and Finance. She has worked with executive / senior leadership, human resource management, and employees with several  Fortune 500 companies; helping them create an inclusive organizational culture that thrives in today’s business.

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What Clients & Audiences Are Saying

What if… An amazingly refreshing lens on Health Equity!

Dr. Star created a unique DE&I program that spoke our language and attended to our needs on health equity and health disparities. She understands where inclusion and health care intersect helping to drive health equity as an outcome. Dr. Star created actionable tools to reduce health disparities without blame. This is a must program for all healthcare conferences. Lauan is witty and approachable, with the audience feeling connected and positive.

–L. Western, APRN, CHRO — Organization of Nursing Executives

Partial List of Speaking Engagements

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