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Inclusion, Diversity & Equity
Strategist, Psychologist and Engaging Speaker.


Taking Your Workplace Culture to the Next Level

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Award winning & International Best Selling Author
focused on Organizational Culture, Workplace Inclusion and Leadership. Dr. Star focuses on evidence based solutions that have a strong return on investment. 

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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Lauran Star is simply put, brilliant!

A true conference partner, Dr. Star engaged both on and off the main-stage with the audience.  On stage she challenges our current ideation of D&I in the workplace, then provided the evidence that had us all re-thinking what we knew and where to focus.

Dr. Star is a MUST have at your next Diversity & Inclusion Conference.  

- Chicago’s Women Engineering Summit

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Consultant / Coach

It is time for us to focus on Evidence Based DE&I 

I have spent my career working with organizations, helping them move  away from limiting their DE&I focus to D, to understanding the benefits of the I. Building a sustainable foundation of inclusion will drive your D&E.

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Evidence Based Inclusion

Dr. Lauran Star understands Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity challenges your organization may be facing and has evidence-based solutions with proven outcomes. ​​She is known for uncovering blind spots to achieve optimal performance and enhanced retention. Dr. Star dives in where others tread lightly yet is insightful, warm, and approachable.


Dr. Lauran Star has over two decades driving evidence-based inclusion, diversity, and equity in STEM, Healthcare, and Finance. She has worked with executive / senior leadership, human resource management, and employees with several  Fortune 500 companies; helping them create an inclusive organizational culture that thrives in today’s business.

What Clients & Audiences Are Saying

Refreshing, Authentic, Approachable!

Dr. Star's focus on inclusion, diversity, and equity is a must for any conference. 


Engaging, based on real world evidence. Dr. Star provides a new lens for the workplace!

As a closing Keynote, over 99% (3989) of our attendees stayed till the very end to hear her

and they were not disappointed. Her reviews were off the chart.


Brenda Hodgson

IDIC Diversity & Inclusion Conference

Partial List of Speaking and Client Engagements

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