Dr. Lauran Star, Diversity & Inclusion Strategist and Psychologist,
is regarded as one of today’s most requested and engaging speaker
on inclusion, diversity and organizational culture.

Dr. Lauran Star utilizes her authenticity and compassionate honesty to address inclusion & diversity issues and provides  evidence based proven solutions. She is known to dive in where others tread lightly yet is insightful, warm, and approachable. ​​With over two decades of impact within the inclusion, diversity, and equity field, she has worked with over forty Fortune 500 companies; helping them strategize and architect an inclusive organizational culture that thrives. 


Dr. Lauran Star is a true original and is known for uncovering blind spots to achieve optimal performance and enhanced retention.


From impactful keynotes to mastery workshops Dr. Lauran Star is sure to meet your unique conference theme and needs. Her depth of experience and professionalism results in a conference loaded with high energy, evidence based solutions, and lasting connections as a thinking partner who can stay alongside your attendees long after the close of the event.


Dr. Star is your partner throughout the conference and after ensuring conference attendance and retention. 

Keynote Speaker

Engaging audiences
to take action.

What Clients & Audiences Are Saying

 A true strategic partner is what you receive when you work with Dr. Lauran Star.

She went beyond being a keynote speaker during the COVID19 restrictions. Dr. Star stepped in and helped us move from a face-to-face to a virtual conference. She helped us navigate and shared many outstanding speakers to replace those who canceled.  Dr. Lauran Star's conference reviews were amazing.  Dr. Star's focus on inclusion, diversity, and equity is a must for any conference where you want your audience talking about it days and weeks later."

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