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Dr. Lauran Star is a true original and is known for uncovering blind spots to achieve optimal performance and enhanced retention.

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Workplace Intersectionality
A Critical Lens to DE&I

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Intersectionality is a critical lens DE&I practitioners and organizations need to utilize for successful workplace DE&I. Yet, according to The World Economic Forum organizations often do not apply this lens, resulting in greater wage inequity, hiring discrimination, lack of reach for professional development programs, increased turnover, and harassment. Not surprising, when you focus all your diversity attention on just one affinity (gender or persons of color) the results can have a detrimental effect on everyone else.

Focused on the Wrong Needle - The Failed System of Workplace Diversity.

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The U.S. spends on average $8 billion dollars annually on diversity training, yet there is little evidence it has the desired impact. McKinsey reported only a third organizations, focused on DE&I, were achieving solid advancement. There are initiatives, training programs, and trends being created with the focus on diversity; yet the numbers do not lie – we are focusing on the wrong needle.

Shifting Your Organizational Climate

The Inclusion Paradigm®


Organizations today are beginning to understand the need to move beyond diversity yet, this change can be challenge. Harvard Business Review reports gaps in understanding the strategic imperative, where to begin, what to measure, and diversity in leadership are the cornerstones of failure. The Inclusion Paradigm provides your organization with an evidence-based roadmap of Culture success.

The Future of the Workforce

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Between 30% and 40% of the population are thought to be neurodiverse.  This is a new focal point for  of organizations striving for inclusion and diversity. Research further supports the business cases of  hiring neurodiverse employees. When organizations embrace neurodiversity in the workplace the company gains a competitive advantage in many areas including productivity, innovation, culture, and talent retention, to name just a few.  However, it takes more than just stating your organization is neurodiverse. 


Diversity, Inclusion, Integration -  Oh My!


Current research demonstrates having an integrated / diverse classroom encourages critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and students feel psychologically safe. It also leads to higher test scores, increased enrollment in colleges, reducing the racial achievement gaps and students are less likely to drop out. It is not surprising the spotlight is focused on Diversity, Inclusion, and Integration in the classroom. Yet, more so than ever before, the academic world is full of confusion, frustration, and landmines when it comes to integrating and teaching diversity and inclusion.

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Workshops & Fireside Chats 
  • Stopping the Blame Game – Moving Beyond Diversity Training

  • What is Your Talent Brand? Attracting and Retaining Your Talents through DE&I 

  • If You Build Them, They Will Come. - Building Your Inclusion Paradigm Framework

  • Employee Engagement, Development, and Connection, Utilizing Inclusive Employee Resource Groups

  • Implicit Bias Training; Beyond Microaggressions Training

  • Affinity Specific Workshops (Generations, LGBTQ+, Veteran, Disabilities…)


Top Reasons to Work with Dr. Star 


Dr. Star is the thought leader in workplace inclusion. She is a best-selling author, focused on research and evidence of proven outcomes on inclusion, diversity, and equity, and a highly sought-after guest lecturer and speaker. 


With over 10 years of keynote and workshop experience, plus her past Broadway involvement, Lauran delivers. Speaking is more than an art form, it’s her forte. Not to worry, no matter what Murphy’s Law has intended for the conference, Lauran has a plan.​

Humorous and Passionate: 

Lauran Star’s passion runs deep and her audience benefits. She takes difficult topics and makes them palatable while showing both her human and vulnerable side. She empowers her audience to step into their strengths to stop just surviving and start thriving.


 The minute you connect with Lauran she becomes an asset. Her approach is a true partnership with the meeting planner and attending bureaus to ensure your event goes off without issue.


The minute you connect with Lauran she becomes an asset. Her approach is a true partnership with the meeting planner and attending bureaus to ensure your event goes off without issue.​


Dr. Star begins engaging with your audience before the program is created. When possible, she will attend your entire event so deeper connections are made.​

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