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Decades of Unmatched Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Expertise!

Creating a customized Keynote experience that will leave your audience talking long after the conference close.  

Popular Keynotes

Engaging and Thought Provoking Keynotes on Inclusion, Accessibility Diversity & Equity! 

What If… We Approached Inclusion, Diversity & Equity a Bit Differently

When it comes to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I), finding the right keynote speaker who embodies expertise, authenticity, and impact can transform an ordinary event into an extraordinary experience. Dr. Lauran Star stands out as the premier choice for your next conference, delivering a keynote experience that will captivate your audience long after the event concludes.

Dr. Star's deep understanding of the complexities surrounding DE&I, combined with her ability to navigate the political landscape and address the nuances of human resources, makes her an invaluable asset to any event. By challenging and redefining the concepts of Inclusion, Accessibility, Diversity, and Equity through the lens of your audience, she not only informs but transforms, making every keynote an opportunity for growth and betterment.

Booking Dr. Lauran Star means choosing a speaker who will deliver a powerful, poignant, and purpose-driven message, ensuring your conference leaves a lasting impact.

What If...

  • We stopped measuring race and ethnicity in the workplace?

  • The trauma caused by DE&I efforts didn’t exist?

  • Every employee was treated as if they had a disability?

  • We moved beyond training to solutions?

  • The world already had health equity?

  • Every patient received culturally competent care?

  • Share your workplace’s ideal What If... _____________________

Affinity Focus 

  • Veteran

  • Disability


  • Generation

Industry Focus 

  • Healthcare

  • STEM

  • Manufacturing

Healthcare Specific Topics 

  • Health Equity 

  • Health Disparities 

  • Culturally Competent Care 

  • Implicit Biases


A fireside chat is a personal and interactive discussion involving a moderator and Dr. Lauran Star. The flow is more like a conversation and interview wrapped together, allowing your audience to gain insights into the Dr. Lauran Star’s personal stories and thoughts on diverse topics.

Fireside chats often follow one of her keynote’s hours or days later. It can also be offered as a Zoom Follow up Post Conference.

Potential Fireside Questions:

·         Explain your philosophy in I,E & D and where it came from

·         How do we measure inclusion within an organization?

·         What is meant by speaking power to truth from your lens?

·         How and where do we start the inclusion journey?

·         What is the Inclusion Paradigm™?

·         What is the role of intersectionality – is it important?

·         Lingering audience questions from her keynote 

·         Give us a few take-aways

Corporate Workshops & Training

Training Courses with Measurable Results

Training programs focusing on Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity improve knowledge, create understanding, and build commitment and trust. These outcomes lead to improved employee retention, performance, job satisfaction, and the development of essential skills employees need to thrive in inclusive workplaces.

Today’s Shortcomings in Implementation and Outcomes

Unfortunately, many of these programs often fall short in effective creation and facilitation, leaving the audience potentially bewildered, assigning blame, or devoid of actionable solutions.​


Dr. Star’s Tailored Solutions for Lasting Impact

Dr. Lauran Star understands these challenges and through proven techniques, custom creates training programs with clear measurable results. As a Certified
Corporate Trainer with over twenty years of experience in training development, she knows how to grab the attention of the learner and create solutions that work. Every program is custom crafted with your employees, industry, and organizational needs in mind. Supplemental retention materials are provided so the learning and application will continue long after the workshop.


What if… An amazingly refreshing lens on Health Equity!

Dr. Star created a unique DE&I program that spoke our language and attended to our needs on health equity and reducing health disparities. She understands where inclusion and health care intersect helping to drive health equity as an outcome. Dr. Star created actionable tools to reduce health disparities without blame. This is a must program for all healthcare conferences. Lauan is witty and approachable, with the audience feeling connected and positive.

It not about one person - It is about us all!

–L. Western, APRN, CHRO — Organization of Nursing Executives

Watch Dr. Star in Action

Top Reasons to Work with Dr. Star 

Expertise and Authenticity:

Dr. Star is not just a speaker; she is a proven expert in DE&I. Her extensive background is complemented by her authentic commitment to these principles, both in practice and presentation. She brings a depth of understanding and genuine passion that resonates deeply, providing insights that are both practical and transformative.


With over 10 years of keynote and workshop experience, plus her past Broadway involvement, Lauran delivers. Speaking is more than an art form, it’s her forte. Not to worry, no matter what Murphy’s Law has intended for the conference, Lauran has a plan.​ The minute you connect with Lauran she becomes an asset. Her approach is a true partnership with the meeting planner and attending bureaus to ensure your event goes off without issue.


Dr. Star's presentations are known for their dynamic engagement and compelling delivery. She excels at connecting with audiences, fostering an environment of open dialogue and deep reflection. Her ability to evoke emotional responses and stimulate meaningful discussions sets her apart.

Approachable & Authentic:

Dr. Star is… and the audience feels that authenticity. She creates a safe space for growth and learning to occur. Her authenticity drives the message home. 


Fresh Content:

Dr. Star is at the forefront of DE&I discourse, continuously evolving her content to include the latest research and innovative practices. Her keynotes are as refreshing as they are enlightening.

Impact and Actionability:

More than just ideas, Dr. Star provides practical tools and techniques that your audience can immediately apply. Her focus on actionable insights fosters real change, equipping participants to implement effective DE&I strategies in their organizations.

Inclusion Workshops

Partial List of Speaking and Client Engagements

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