Lauran Star is... Women’s Empowerment

We as women are more than just a pretty face… We are unique and powerful creatures of the world, and being that, we need to embrace ourselves and others.

We wear many different hats and are Janes of all trades. Our focus is often on others first, then if we have the energy, ourselves. Yet we often go through life struggling with our own empowerment. We climb as a sole unit rather than with others. We need to celebrate with each other how wonderful we are, how empowered we are, and focus on how to get through our challenges together versus alone.

Women’s Empowerment includes:

  • Authenticity

  • Self-Awareness

  • Personal Power

  • Moving Beyond the Junk in Your Trunk

  • Understanding Your Needs

  • Shifting Perspectives

  • Being Heard and Seen

  • Resiliency

Studies demonstrate the vast majority of women find themselves unfulfilled and underpowered in either the workplace or home life. If a woman is empowered at home, she brings that to the workplace in the form of personal power, influence, communication, leadership, adaptability, and so much more.


As women we hold down a variety of roles, yet if we allow these roles to run our life they can overpower us. Does this sound familiar, or have you ever made a list of all that you do?

Women’s Leadership Development

Leadership is a choice, however, development is not. To be a successful leader, regardless of gender, one needs to understand the skills required as well as how to inspire, motivate and raise the bar for all around you.


Women in Leadership:

  • Women today are the primary breadwinners (according to the 2010 United States Department of Labor, over 58% of women are the breadwinners, and 78% of women are now in the workforce full-time), thus organizations are aggressively seeking to diversify their leadership teams to provide the female perspective. That being said, the struggle falls on how to develop the genders in leadership.

  • Women struggle to gain a real perspective on how to get ahead, what is expected, how to build strong alliances, and find work/life strategies. This lack of knowledge is creating a “one step forward two steps back” mentality as the tools required to succeed are hushed, hidden, and at times out of reach.

  • Leadership development is not one-size- or gender-fits-all as our leadership styles and authenticity must be taken into account.

  • Organizations with diverse leadership are more innovating and have a higher return on training investments than those who do not.

  • Increased job satisfaction and retention go hand in hand with leadership development.


In the end, if you wish to get ahead, you need to have someone in your corner.


Lauran Star offers a wide range of proven effective tools, assessments and training designed to exceed your Leadership Diversity needs.

Women’s Coaching

Coaching is a professional performance technology that leverages your strengths to achieve and advance on your terms. This synergistic relationship will uncover the blind spots in your career. Together we co-create a plan of action that will get you to your goals faster and more easily than you would have on your own.

Research about coaching tells us:

  • Coaching is recognized as a proven way to improve business practices, and practice management, in the competitive marketplace.

  • Those individuals enrolled in coaching found an overall improvement in work/life balance.

  • Business teams who were coached work better with their peers and their direct supervisor, regardless of the level.

  • Those who were coached exceeded both their personal and professional goals.

  • Coaching develops strong leaders within the company.

  • Coaching is the single best way to improve Emotional Intelligence.

  • Business owners under coaching take more action to achieve their goals.

Areas we work on:

  • Clarification of your vision and goals for the future

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Creating better Networking Solutions

  • Strategic Planning and Goal Attainment

  • Work and Home Strategies

  • Stress Management

  • Personal Growth

  • Keeping you accountable to YOU!

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