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Is Your Work/Life
Out Of Control

Balancing, or some would say, juggling, our personal and professional lives can be challenging. When you throw in our culture of being connected to work 24/7 via smartphones, things get even more difficult.


Re-defining Your
Glass Ceiling 

Women in the business world often hear the term "glass ceiling," and while this is not a new phrase, redefining the glass ceiling is.


The Gender Salary Gap –
Is it Your Scapegoat?

If we open the salary view as to who is getting paid what, companies will have to place a price tag on talent and skills that are immeasurable. Those skills include negotiation, communication, empathy, emotional intelligence, personal power, influence.


Stop the Work/Life
Balancing Act

More than three-quarters of professional leadership teams report that they do not have enough balance in their lives. As a result, they struggle at work, home, or both. Women are masters, famous work-life balancing act remains unachieved, Why do we try so hard?


Lauran Star: The Bus Driver
Takes On The Big World

We are getting real with Lauran Star. From accountability to overcoming obstacles, Lauran shares her ups and downs as she gets real with us.


Working Towards
Inclusion Not Diversity 

Leadership today demands that we understand each other's differences first. In order for us to be understood, we must understand those around us.


Advancing Women's

According to Catalyst 2006, women represent 16.5% of the leadership foundation. In 2025, it is proposed that women will be on equal footing in a leadership role. Get empowerment and leadership tips from Lauran Star, author, speaker, and coach, as we discuss.

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