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The Gender Salary Gap –Is it Your Scapegoat?

 If we open the salary view as to who is getting paid what, companies will have to place a price tag on talent and skills that are immeasurable. 

Re-defining Your Glass Ceiling:

Women in the business world often hear the term "glass ceiling," and while this is not a new phrase, redefining the glass ceiling is.

Is Your Work/Life Out Of Control?

Balancing, or some would say, juggling, our personal and professional lives can be challenging. 

Stop the Work/Life Balancing Act:

More than three-quarters of professional leadership teams report that they do not have enough balance in their lives. 

Why ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ Is an Excuse for Bad Behavior

The time for a culture of accountability is now


Working Towards Inclusion Not Diversity:

Leadership today demands that we understand each other's differences first. In order for us to be understood, we must understand those around us.

Advancing Women's Leadership:

In 2025, it is proposed that women will be on equal footing in a leadership role - Are we ready?

Lauran Star: The Bus Driver Takes On The Big World:

 We are getting real with Lauran Star. From accountability to overcoming obstacles, Lauran shares her ups and downs as she gets real with us.

Inclusion + Equity = Diversity / Stop the Diversity Blame Game:

With the rapidly changing workforce, creating a sustainable organizational inclusive culture today is imperative for organizational success.

Setting Up Meaningful Mentorship Programs for Your Employees

Help New Managers Succeed: 


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