Engaging, Authentic, and Approachable. 
Dr. Lauran Star is your Inclusion & Diversity Speaker.

Known for her highly energetic and authentic presentation style, Dr. Lauran Star gives your audience the power they need to pivot forward.

From a full 60-90 minute keynote to a 15-minute flashpoint session with master classes offered during your program, Dr. Lauran Star carefully customizes every program with your needs in mind, driving retention and performance. Dr. Star's programs are based on proven techniques and real-world applications.


Some of her influential clients include: Johnson & Johnson, Bentley College, Bryant University Women’s Summit, Women of Energy Summit, New Hampshire Women’s Conference, The Massachusetts and Georgia Hospital Associations.

Watch Dr. Lauran Star in Action

Women’s Empowerment

Diversity to Inclusion

Dr. Star's Engaging Inclusion & Diversity Programs 

I Before D Then Follows E: Inclusion & Diversity = Equity 

Stop Throwing D&I at the Wall; Evidence Based Workplace  Inclusion, Diversity &

Stopping the Blame Game; Diversity Training

The Inclusion Paradigm 


Top Reasons to Hire Dr. Star for Your Next Event

Engaging: Dr. Star begins engaging with your audience before the program is created. When possible, she will attend your entire event so deeper connections are made.

​​​Professional: With over 10 years of keynote and workshop experience, plus her past Broadway involvement, Lauran delivers. Speaking is more than an art form, it’s her forte. Not to worry, no matter what Murphy’s Law has intended for the conference, Lauran has a plan.

Experienced: Dr. Star is the thought leader in workplace inclusion. She is a best-selling author, focused on research and evidence of proven outcomes on inclusion, diversity, and equity, and a highly sought-after guest lecturer and speaker. 


Approachable: The minute you connect with Lauran she becomes an asset. Her approach is a true partnership with the meeting planner and attending bureaus to ensure your event goes off without issue.

Humorous and Passionate: Lauran Star’s passion runs deep and her audience benefits. She takes difficult topics and makes them palatable while showing both her human and vulnerable side. She empowers her audience to step into their strengths to stop just surviving and start thriving.